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Naomi Berman launched Berman Sales in 2018, though she is not a newcomer to the industry by any means. For several years she assisted her Mother-in-law with her business, Debbie Berman's Estate Sales, which spanned 50 successful years of buying /selling, appraising, auctioning, and running top notch estate sales throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties.


In 2015, Naomi transitioned out of a successful 26-year career as a Corporate Recruiter and Career Coach. While you might not think Estate Sales Management and Recruiting have a lot in common, both professions require strong sales skills, and an ability to  juggle a lot of different assignments at the same time.  The challenge is in helping a wide variety of people transition during challenging times in their lives.  This is what comes natural to both a well trained career coach and an Estate Sale Manager.


Regardless of whether you are working with people who are downsizing or finding a new career path... The rewards come from easing people's anxiety about letting go of treasured family heirlooms.  Helping people embrace change is a gift. In this respect, spot on interpersonal skills and finely tuned coaching skills has provided Naomi with a distinct advantage.


Naomi M. Berman, Principal/Owner


Claire Nichols
Director of Sales & Marketing

The Perfect Mix of Brains and Braun. She started her career in Business/Real-Estate Management, while raising two daughters (now in college). Her greatest gifts for Estate Sale Management... outstanding people skills. 



  LU GASS   

  Stage Manager and Creative                Director Extraordinaire 

  Brings us extra skills in Retail Sales      Management and knowing how to      have a great time while you work.

ODETTE MADEIRA "Jacquline of All Trades" 

Professional Organizer with Expertise in Property Management and Construction.  


Debbie Berman

Antique Maven/Appraiser/ 

1/08/1934 - 4/02/2019 

A Brief Tribute

Debbie Berman passed away in 2019 after battling a series of sudden and devastating strokes. Berman Sales was partly created to pay tribute to Debbie's business's legacy. According to Naomi, "no one had more enthusiasm and more outstanding contacts in the antique and estate sale business than Debbie Berman. She was somewhat of a visionary when it came to cornering the market in the early 60's." She started out with an antique store, then expanded it to create the first indoor flea market in Stamford. She was also amongst the first certified antique appraisers in Fairfield county. And definitely one of the first women-owned Estate Sales Businesses in the Stamford area. 


Naomi considers herself extremely lucky to have learned so much vital insider information (lots of which you can't learn from any books) from such a dynamic and indomitable business woman. Without Debbie's knowledge and know how, Naomi believes this business would not exist! Most important, Naomi also credits Debbie for teaching her how to have fun while working. This is, of course, an invaluable lesson in any business environment! 

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